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Social Media is not just for soft marketing efforts anymore

Ritesh Gupta just wrote a really cool article entitled “Social media is no longer just for soft marketing initiatives.”

Here’s an excerpt:

“For long, it has been acknowledged that for brands, social media is primarily about testing and learning.

It is definitely better for a brand to be in these spaces listening, engaging and responding than to underestimate the power of this platform as a new outlet for customers. It is vital to understand clearly why/who/how/what your brand and your people will do in social spaces and to balance sales versus service messaging. It is not possible for brands to opt out of the medium as customers are more powerful than ever before.

Being open and honest as a brand and listening and engaging with customers in a fair and transparent way should avoid failure. At the same time, it is critical to assess for how long one should wait to see tangible results.”

Read the entire article at:

I along with Flo Lugli, EVP of Marketing of Wyndham Worldwide, Josh Steinitz, CEO of NileGuide are scheduled to speak at the forthcoming Social Media Strategies for Travel USA 2010 Conference. The two-day conference will take place in San Francisco (March 24-25).

For more information, click here:
Social Media Strategies for Travel USA 2010 Conference


So, you didn’t know I, John T. Peters, painted…

I’ve been painting and drawing since I was young. I remember my mom sitting with me, showing me how to do it, never correcting me, but always encouraging me.

I started by drawing with pencil, then I added ink. Years later in high-school, my art teacher, Cornell Ferrat, told me to try painting. I was so into it, I remember cutting other classes so I could go to the studio to work on my painting. It was of a rowboat in the Greek Islands. I’ll never forget it.

At some point, I got bored, so I started doodling these little faces. On a sheet of paper, I’d draw as many as I could. I realized they looked like “faces in the crowd” so that’s what I called them. Now, 20+ years later, I still draw them. I’ll get a sheet of paper 3 feet by 3 feet or so and just draw a thousand of these little, one inch faces. Each crowd scene is different; bullfights, concert, auto shows, Olympics and more.  I’d say each one takes about a month to complete because I obviously can’t finish a piece in one sitting; I don’t have that kind of time and I think I’d go blind.

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